Entag is proud and excited to announce that we have appointed two strategic executive leaders to our organisation.  To booster Executive experience within the organisation, Justin Maskey has been recruited as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), following hot on the heels of the April recruitment of Chief People Officer (CPO) Vik Mahajan. 

Both Justin and Vik bring a wealth of industry experience, skills, and knowledge to Entag. The experience from both working within an ASX-listed business, bolsters Entag’s leadership capability and technical expertise as the business works to deliver key strategic goals over the next few years.  

 “Entag’s commitment to growth and sustainability are significantly enhanced with the addition of Justin and Vik to our Executive Leadership Team. Their expertise, governance and experience is invaluable to ensuring we continue to build an organisation that provides value to our partner and clients,” said Kris Carver, Entag Group CEO.

In addition, the appointments of Justin and Vik demonstrate Entag’s commitment to investing in its executive leadership team to help its business and customers to grow. Entag’s customers include a diverse range of businesses from small-to-medium, enterprise, local councils, and state & federal government departments. 

Entag currently employs 130 staff, and its service offerings focus on managed mobility, managed network, device as a service and managed ICT services. Entag’s head office is on the Sunshine Coast with its bespoke warehouse and staging facility in Brisbane. Entag was also recently awarded Telstra Enterprise Partner of the Year (QLD) in December 2021. 


Chief Technology Officer  

New Entag CTO Justin Maskey has more than 21 years of experience in IT, strategy, and leadership. His role at Entag will focus on spearheading the company’s leadership and strategic capabilities to achieve its 2025 goals.   

He explained what attracted him to accept the CTO role at Entag: 

“I was attracted by the opportunity to join a growing technology services-based organisation where I could leverage my experience in delivering high-quality solutions and technology thought leadership. The privilege to work with customers to deliver similar business outcomes is a very exciting proposition, and frankly, one that I could not turn down.” 

Over the next few years, Justin has outlined what he broadly plans to achieve:  

“Apart from the usual business metrics (sustainable growth through onboarding new customers, the expansion of our solution sets as technology evolves, and the possibility of strategic acquisitions), I’d like to think we can assist in our customers’ ongoing success.  If we can keep doing that and focus on building a business based on trusted partnerships, then I’m confident the rest will flow.” 

Justin sees the next few years as a pivotal time for Entag and its technology customers.  

“The evolution of technology and the complexity that is often coupled with its deployment can leave organisations exposed from either not having the right skills to properly leverage the investment they have made or in the extreme scenario, new technology deployment can create a security risk for these organisations through misconfiguration.   

Entag’s customer-centric approach of essentially becoming an extension of our customers’ businesses, and our continued investment in our people capability and in developing strategic relationships within our partner ecosystem puts Entag in a strong position to help our customers. It enables us to create competitive advantages for our customers so that they can differentiate themselves in their markets.” 


Chief People Officer 

The CPO role at Entag was created to align with the company’s philosophy that its success is largely underpinned by its people, and although Entag is a technology business, its talented people are the number one asset that enables it to be a high-quality, trustedtechnology partner.   

Vik Mahajan’s CPO role will focus on ensuring that Entag continues to lead a high-care, high-performance culture and that by employing best in class people and culture practices, it provides strong foundations that allows all team members to grow, develop and ultimately drive  Entag’s growth and success. 

Vik explained what prompted him to accept the Entag CPO role: 

“What attracted me to Entag was the opportunity and privilege of working for a business that considers both its investment in people and its organisational culture as fundamental to driving the business forward. Entag prioritises and fosters an environment of continuous professional and personal growth for its people, and has a strong belief that in doing so, the organisation remains well positioned to provide exemplary service to its customers.” 

Vik’s broad goals for the next few years for his Entag role reflect this strategic focus: 

“Our strategic focus over the coming years will see continued investment in people capability and development, and an ongoing focus on the activities that deliver a leading employee experience. In the period ahead, we will make considered investments in the areas that enable strong organisational performance via our talented employees to deliver great outcomes for our customers.”