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Entag Community

Fuelling Growth through Community. Discover our talented team's dedication, collaboration, and passion driving technological excellence.
Fuelling Growth through Community. Discover our talented team's dedication, collaboration, and passion driving technological excellence.
The Foundation of our Success

Our People, Our Power

Our success is deeply rooted in our people, as the Entag Community forms the very backbone of our achievements. For over 10 years, our passionate team has been united, embracing diverse talents and delivering transformative managed services for businesses across industries. As we continue to evolve, our people remain at the heart of everything we do, empowered by a culture that fosters growth and celebrates the endless possibilities of tomorrow. Together, we shape a brighter future, driven by the shared commitment to excellence and the unwavering spirit of the Entag Community.

Meet The Team

Our Enterprise Team

Our brilliant Enterprise Team are a group of tech aficionados with a passion for delivering unparalleled solutions to our esteemed Enterprise and Government clients. With a blend of expertise and enthusiasm, they unlock new opportunities, shaping success for both Entag and our valued partners. Collaborators at heart, they turn challenges into triumphs, forging lasting connections in the ever-evolving tech realm.

Our Delivery and Service Teams

Our exceptional Service and Delivery team is the heartbeat of our commitment to excellence. Meticulous and proactive, they ensure smooth solutions for our valued clients. From start to finish, they keep everything running seamlessly, earning trust and loyalty along the way. Their wealth of expertise and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction solidify our position as industry leaders.

Our Corporate Teams

Our Corporate Team - the engine driving our operational excellence. Behind the scenes, they handle the essential aspects that keep us thriving. From finance to human resources, their skillful management empowers our organisation. With strategic foresight, they streamline processes, ensuring a solid foundation for innovation and success.
As a unified team that is dedicated to cultivating a culture of collaboration, they serve as the driving force behind Entag's dynamic growth.
Meet the Team
Our Leadership Team
Meet the exceptional leaders driving Entag's success - bringing extensive industry knowledge, visionary strategists, and forward-thinking professionals.

Kris Carver

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Kris Carver has led Entag as CEO since 2016. With a stellar 23-year tech journey, he fearlessly embraces industry shifts, ignites client satisfaction, empowers high-performing teams, and conjures awe-inspiring results. As the Inaugural Chair of SCTechIA, he sparks Australia's digital renaissance, driven by authenticity, inclusivity, and unlocking hidden talent.

Damien Hicks

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Damien is the visionary CFO of Entag, fuelling innovation and delivering value for all. With a stellar background as a chartered accountant and former BDO consultant, he enhances financial performance and fosters success. Damien's integrity, honesty, and respect drive a positive impact, shaping a brighter future.

Andrew Folks

Director - Operations and Service Delivery
The driving force behind Entag's Operations and Service Delivery, Andrew brings extensive experience from the Retail and FMCG sectors. With a proven track record, he fuels change and achieves business goals through operational excellence. He drives high standards across Asset Management, Staging, Warehouse, and Service Delivery, contributing to Entag's ongoing success.

Justin Maskey

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Justin Maskey, our innovative CTO steering Entag's technological brilliance, delivers business-changing solutions for unrivalled success. With an unwavering focus on service delivery, client satisfaction, and transformative innovation, he forges a formidable competitive edge. With an impressive 21-year career at ASX-listed Vita Group Limited, Justin brings vast expertise and an influential industry network.

Thea Mulheran

Co-General Manager of Enterprise
Thea Mulheran brings a wealth of knowledge and a humble approach to Entag. With a journey rooted in front-line telco and complemented by academic achievements, she forges strong business partnerships and fosters a connected tech community. Thea's secret to unlocking untapped potential lies in cultivating empathy, gratitude, and accountability, empowering our team and clients to surpass expectations.

Peter Hobbins

Co-General Manager of Enterprise
Peter Hobbins, our dynamic Co-General Manager of Enterprise at Entag, assisted in the spearheaded consecutive wins of the prestigious QLD Telstra Enterprise of the Year Award in 2021 and 2022. Since joining in July 2021, Peter has delivered innovative, industry-tailored solutions, leveraging 19+ years of ICT expertise. With a talent for stakeholder engagement and simplifying complex solutions.
  • I'm excited to start my day with a team of enthusiastic and talented people eager to share knowledge. Every day is different, offering opportunities for learning while delivering innovative solutions for our customers. Entag's management empowers me, creating a positive workplace culture, with recognition, flexibility, and fun activities like Mountain Men and Friday lunches to build relationships with teammates.

    - Matthew B
  • I love working at Entag for its growth mindset and focus on continuous improvement for both customers and staff. I feel empowered to make a difference, with a supportive team whenever needed. The owners and leadership genuinely care about my success, both professionally and personally. The flexible work options are tailored to employees, allowing me to maintain work-life balance.

    - Jess R
  • Entag has an awesome crew of super-talented people that are passionate about technology and great fun to hang out with! I have learned so much whilst being at Entag and can't wait to see what challenge awaits around the corner.

    - Andrew P
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Women in Tech

Entag, in partnership with Women in Technology (WiT), a leading NFP community, are committed to empowering women from all disciplines to unlock their career potential.

Learning and Development: Entag’s Bright Academy

Build a future ready career with our go-to learning hub, Entag Bright, which houses over 80,000 learning items for personal and professional development and onboarding.

Mountain Men

Step outside of the office and into the wilderness to get a refreshing perspective, promote well-being, and foster team spirit with Entag’s Mountain Men.
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