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Empower Women in Tech: The WiT Mentoring Program

At Entag, we are actively participating in the WiT Mentoring Program, a transformative initiative orchestrated by Women in Technology (WiT). This program provides ongoing support for STEM women, nurturing their professional and personal growth while establishing a strong community of like-minded individuals. Join us on this journey—one where we empower women, show that no woman stands alone, and every voice matters.

A Blossoming Garden of Potential 

At Entag, we believe that every woman possesses a garden of untapped potential. Our commitment? To nurture that potential, to water it with knowledge, and to bask in the sunlight of shared experiences. We've found our place within WiT's program—a sanctuary where women can stretch their wings, explore uncharted territories, and reach for the stars. 

Rooted in Community

The WiT Mentoring Program isn't just about mentorship; it's about community. Picture a cozy fireside chat where seasoned professionals share wisdom, and eager learners soak it all in. Here, we celebrate victories, learn from setbacks, and empower women in all industries. It's a sisterhood of resilience, where no one stands alone. 

The Art of Flourishing 

Entag isn't merely a workplace; it's a canvas for growth. Our commitment to women in tech extends beyond the program's duration. We're not just participants; we're active contributors to a movement that transcends boundaries. Together, we rise, we learn, and we empower—one WiT session at a time. 

And echoing the spirit of our collective journey, Kim Clark, a seasoned Business Development Executive, shares her perspective: 

"I feel so honoured to be part of this program. When Entag invited me to participate as a Mentee for the next 12 weeks, I jumped at the chance. To learn and grow and be guided by an Industry Mentor is such a privilege. I have met so many like-minded women already who are also excited for the journey." 

Kim's words resonate with the enthusiasm and commitment shared by all our participants. As we navigate this path together, we celebrate the power of mentorship, the strength of community, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. 

Together, we rise. 


For more information about the WiT Mentoring Program, visit WiT's website. 

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