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What truly sets Entag apart is our deep-rooted culture of putting people, clients, and community at the heart of everything we do
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Your career, your future – it's all here at Entag. Step into a world of endless possibilities, where innovation and passion drive your success. Join our talented team and make your impact!
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Modern Workplace Solutions, Unified Communications Solutions, Network Solutions, Device Solutions, ICT Solutions

Entag delivers cutting-edge ICT solutions with a consultative and client-centric mindset. We design, implement and support strategic technology projects that align with your business goals and objectives.
From Business to enterprise & government, customer success is our business

Tailored Tech Services to

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Entag will help you transform and empower your business with cutting-edge technology solutions and ongoing managed services that elevate your digital performance. We are ready to partner with you on the next chapter of your story by creating game-changing innovative technology solutions that truly make a difference.
We Fuel Innovation Across All Industries
With over 10 years of experience, we are dedicated to meeting your technology needs. Our track record reflects successful deployments and exceptional servicing from our team of industry experts. By fostering strong relationships, we drive client satisfaction and long-term partnerships. Partner with us for a modern workplace transformation that empowers your business.

Small to Medium Business

Entag specialises in supporting small to medium enterprises with tailor-made technology solutions. Our expertise in modern technologies enables businesses to optimise operations and drive growth effectively.

Enterprise & Not-for-profit

Entag offers tailored technology solutions that empower enterprises and not-for-profit organisations to streamline operations and achieve sustainable growth, while enabling them to maximise their impact and fulfil their mission.


Entag is dedicated to supporting government entities with our innovative technology solutions. With our expertise and dedication, we strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of citizens and enhance the efficiency of government operations.

Technology innovation is at the forefront of all industries and successful businesses. At Entag, our team of seasoned and dynamic tech professionals is passionately committed to supporting your technology journey with innovative solutions and ongoing support

- Kris Carver, CEO - Entag
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Building a Strong Community & Nurturing Connections

Step into a world where our Entag community is the heart of our success. At Entag, we cultivate an inclusive and empowering environment, where talents connect, collaborate, and grow together. We strive to inspire excellence and celebrate achievements.
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Working with us

Empowering Our People: Unlocking Potential & Driving Success

At Entag, our team is a powerhouse of industry expertise and unwavering passion. We bring diverse skills and boundless enthusiasm to the table, making work feel like an exhilarating adventure. Together, we forge new paths, fuel innovation, and create extraordinary experiences.
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The Power of Entag
At Entag, our team of experienced professionals excel at delivering transformative technology projects. With a focus on excellence, we drive innovation and success for our clients with the following partnerships, delivering cutting-edge solutions and trusted expertise for your projects:
From Business to enterprise & government, customer success is our business

The people at Entag are very responsive to business needs, they are looking to build a partnership that goes beyond just being a service provider. Their commitment to understanding our unique challenges and providing tailored solutions has made them a trusted and valuable part of our success

- Neville Bertwistle, Abacus dx
Entag is proud to showcase our accreditations to reflect our high standard of service and professionalism
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