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Unified Communications

Experience a transformative communication system with our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions. Streamline your business communication, collaborate effortlessly, and connect like never before.
Experience a transformative communication system with our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions. Streamline your business communication, collaborate effortlessly, and connect like never before.

Unified Communications

Experience the power of unified communication with Entag's UCaaS solutions. In today's dynamic business landscape, we understand the importance of seamless collaboration and staying connected. Plus, with our reliable managed services solutions, you can focus on your core objectives while we take care of your communication needs. Our tailored UCaaS offerings empower your teams to work more efficiently, no matter where they are.

Leveraging our strong partnerships with Telstra and Microsoft, our dedicated UC experts ensure your organisation has the right tools for growth and success. Employees work from anywhere with the ability to use virtual webinars, voice calls, chat, and files in one collaboration space - our UCaaS solutions adapt to your evolving business needs.

With Entag's UCaaS, you can enhance productivity, foster innovation, and drive better decision-making across your entire organisation. Embrace the future of communication and unlock new possibilities for your business with our cutting-edge UCaaS offerings.

Unified Communications

Adaptive Collaboration

Unlock the true potential of Adaptive Collaboration – a transformative solution that elevates your communication experience, promoting seamless interactions, efficient teamwork, and boosting productivity. Embrace the future of dynamic and flexible communication tools, complemented by Telstra Cloud Calling and Microsoft Operator Connect, empowering your business to thrive in the modern digital age.

Microsoft Teams Calling with TCO365

ENTAG has certified and developed its team to be one of Telstra’s top-recognised partners in the delivery of TCO365. Telstra and Microsoft have combined their expertise to co-create an exclusive voice solution for the Australian market, Telstra Calling for Microsoft 365 (TCO365). Powered by Microsoft Teams, Telstra Calling provides the best of Microsoft’s cloud collaboration tools, as well as the best of Telstra voice, network, and services expertise.

Microsoft Teams Rooms & Ongoing Support

Elevate your collaboration game with Microsoft Teams Rooms for: 

  • Immersive virtual meetings
  • Collaborative brainstorming
  • Interactive presentations

Our training and adoption program simplifies the learning process, helping your team make the most of this powerful platform. With our ongoing support, you can rely on uninterrupted and efficient communication, keeping your business operations seamless. At Entag, we deliver cutting-edge technology to ensure a superior unified communications experience.

Hot Swap Tools

With Entag's DaaS service, you can reduce employee downtime with quick device replacement. We keep a supply of ready-to-use devices that we can ship to you right away, so you don't need to deal with repair centres.
We will swap your faulty device with a new one and take care of the repair process, before returning the device for future use.
The Benefits
Step Into the Future with Confidence Leveraging UCaaS
Empower your business by leveraging cutting-edge technology and simplifying workflows which fosters efficient team collaboration. Experience seamless connectivity and increased productivity with the future of UCaaS.

Scalability and Flexibility

With UCaaS, business can easily scale communication resources while enjoying the flexibility of cloud-based connectivity, empowering remote collaboration from any device, anywhere.

Seamless Collaboration

UCaaS integrates communication tools, enabling real-time chat, file sharing, and video conferencing for effortless team collaboration and increased productivity

Enhanced Productivity

Simplify workflows and boost productivity with UCaaS, offering a centralised platform that eliminates the need for multiple tools and streamlines communication channels.
Case Study
Case Study
Explore our latest case study article highlighting the transformative power of cloud services. Discover how businesses like yours have leveraged cloud technology to optimise operations, enhance scalability, and drive innovation.
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