Our people

Our culture

At ENTAG we create future ready careers for our people and innovative tech solutions for our customers.

A successful culture starts with a clear purpose, transparent leadership, authenticity and care.  We know we don’t always get it right, but we own it when we don’t.


At ENTAG we have collaboratively created a culture where innovation is encouraged and mistakes are for learning. Where our People Principles guide ‘how’ we do things and our Customers needs and desire for sustainable growth, both personally and as a whole business, drive our ‘What’.


Laughter and coffee keep us fueled in our ever-changing, fast-paced environment and the desire to do it for each other keeps us connected! 


It’s simple, by connecting with ‘Our’ business like we each own the business we bring commitment and pride – this makes our purpose a reality!

‘Our’ Community

Giving back a little goes a long way and at ENTAG we want to be true local citizens and this starts with each of us playing a part to understand what others need, show gratitude and use our resources and energy to make a difference. Our ENTAG team are empowered to share where their community passions lie which allows the whole business to get behind their community project and be more impactful – Our care is real.

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‘Our’ Wellbeing

We have some amazing “wellbeing” role models at ENTAG and together with the support from our leaders we make our teams happiness, health and mental wellness a priority. We appreciate everyone has different needs and ideas regarding their wellbeing so our goal is to provide a variety to opportunities to give our team members new knowledge, experiences and support avenues so they can be their best self!

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‘Our’ Celebrations

Recognition of a job well done, a great team effort or for a person who has delivered a great innovation….these are just a few of our reasons to celebrate and say thank you! Being able to celebrate our successes together make us stronger as a team, give us a reason to spend time together and have a few laughs along the way.

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