Suncare Community Services

Suncare was seeking to improve their business processes and efficiency by deploying a digital first backbone with a series of software applications and cloud based solutions. As such, they found a requirement to enhance the underlying network infrastructure to ensure that any services deployed could be utilised efficiently. After undergoing a rigorous tender process, Suncare selected Entag as the partner of choice to deploy the new network infrastructure.

Entag, in partnership with the Suncare ICT team, undertook a program of works to deploy new services such as fibre optic WAN connections, Network Switch and Wi-Fi equipment, Telstra IP Telephony, new managed security firewall and migration of majority of on premise servers to the cloud.

After the deployment of the new network infrastructure, Suncare were then able to focus on deploying new software applications to the end user, and have peace of mind that the underlying network was able to perform and scale accordingly.

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Suncare Community Services

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