When is your business too small or ‘local’ to be a target for global cyber-crime? The reality is, it isn’t. Cyber-criminals do not discriminate and without the right protection in place, your business is at risk of suffering a data security breach. And unfortunately, the consequences of a cyber-attack can be critical, costing Australian businesses millions in data breaches and lost customers.

60% of Australian small businesses go out of business within six months of a cyber-attack.

So, what steps can you take to protect your business?

The solutions that are right for your business will depend on your current level of security and awareness, as well as the tools and systems you already have in place. Take a look at some of steps you can take.

I want to:


Improve my general knowledge of small business security

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INFOGRAPHIC: 6 ways to outwit cyber-criminals

Before you start thinking about security, you need to understand the facts. Download this infographic for some updated stats – and some clear and direct tips for stopping cyber-criminals in their tracks.

COMPARISON SHEET: Why upgrade to Microsoft 365?

Did you know Microsoft 365 offers you powerful, enterprise-level security measures, above and beyond the protection in Office 365 Business? Take a look at this handy comparison.

SUCCESS STORY: How Entag help their clients with cyber security

As a small business, an attack would have been disastrous. Entag work with their clients to provide the protection the business needs.


Client Request: 

Entag’s client wanted to simplify the different username and password logins and use a single business identity to create a more effective process for the staff, as well as a more secure process for private data. Enhancing device security was key in this project, by enforcing configuration and compliance on the devices, the business was able to control who could access what data. Without the right processes and security, the business was under threat to others accessing private data and information.


Entag provided the client with their Microsoft 365 Go Cloud Kit, which supports businesses and their secure transition to the cloud. Microsoft365 creates a platform where all data is safe from cyber crime with advanced credential guard and advanced threat protection. With dedicated project management, technical deployment, training and advanced permissions set up, this ensures a seamless solution for the client. With our specialist team and our defined service packages of inclusions Entag were able to configure single identity and easily enrol all devices.


Learn more about common threats and how I can protect my business

How to get protected

Book now for this webinar in which our expert team will take you through some of the latest security threats for Australian small businesses, and explain how you can best protect yours. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the FREE webinar, enter your details and we will send you a live recording and white paper afterwards.


Understand exactly how my business is exposed and at risk of attack

Understand your risk

As part of this assessment, our expert team will conduct an in-depth review of your business to determine your specific areas of vulnerability.


Take active steps to improve my business’ security and productivity


If you’re ready to embrace modern work practices, Entag can offer you a framework for guiding and supporting you with the transition

How Entag can help

As a trusted Telstra and Microsoft partner, Entag can help you determine your level of security risk, and work with you to improve your overall protection – complementing tools and measures you already have in place.

Located on the Sunshine Coast, Entag helps local businesses with their digital transformation. We have extensive experience with telephony, IT and cloud, and have a proven track record with clients such as the Sunshine Coast Airport, Sunshine Coast Council and the Cowboys. We specialise in assisting small to medium businesses easily upgrade, increase cost efficiencies and ensure their business is secure with Microsoft 365 on Telstra – Australia’s most trusted and reliable network that offers unmatched protection.

Find out more

To learn more about your security risks and how Entag can help, get in touch on 1300 881 800.

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