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Telehealth leads way post pandemic

From virtual hospitals to FaceTimed GP visits, innovations that have sprung up in response to coronavirus could transform a sector notoriously resistant to reform.

ENTAG Health

Partnering with Sydney Local Health District and Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred hospital, ENTAG Health has been a major driving force in the virtual transformation of the Hospital and Healthcare sector throughout COVID-19 and beyond.

Through the design, deployment and support of the Royal Prince Alfred’s virtual hospital, rpavirtual, ENTAG Health is helping to reimagine healthcare delivery enabling care access for patients in rural and remote settings, those living locally, and sparking the conversation around how care providers more effectively deliver outpatient services across the board.

From helping to ease stress for clinicians to improving safety for both clinician and patient alike, ENTAG Health is helping to drive the most significant changes for healthcare and general practice in a generation.