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In 2018, following strategic partnership formation and expert talent acquisition, ENTAG added Digital Health to its solution and service offerings. Over the past two years ENTAG Health has grown to support customers such as Queensland Health, New South Wales Health and private organisations in care management and delivery in spaces such as Acute, Chronic, Aged and Community care.

As demand for healthcare continues to increase in Australia and beyond, ENTAG recognise that the approach to care delivery and management must fundamentally change. The traditional model of building bricks-and-mortar based hospitals and care facilities to keep up with demand is no longer sustainable. ENTAG Health are empowering our customers to provide virtual hospitals with an exceptional level of care outside of a traditional hospital setting.

Virtual command centres with 24/7 Virtual Registered Nurses are monitoring patients who are undergoing treatment or recovering in their home. These virtual hospitals and remote patient monitoring are made possible through the use of innovative digital solutions deployed by ENTAG.

Previous customer challenges of physical hospitals or services at capacity, nurses spending hours travelling to a patients home or simply not having visibility over how a patient is doing unless they are physically in a hospital are eliminated through the introduction of virtual command centres.

As a Telstra Enterprise partner ENTAG are familiar with providing digital first solutions to our customers, and the ENTAG Health team are no exception.

When ENTAG Health was established they knew to really drive meaningful change to their customers, that it takes much more than providing a software license key. ENTAG Health developed a core solution set that leverages market leading devices, best in breed connectivity, a robust connected care platform, industry leading security, tga approved connected wearables all underpinned by the experts within the ENTAG Health team.

By utilising industry leading connected and virtual care technology, their customers are equipped with the capacity to deliver and manage care on an entirely remote basis. In regional and remote communities where access to healthcare is limited, customers are able to provide health services virtually. Whether it is the ability to monitor up to 28 patient biometrics in real-time, create shared and collaborative care plans, send customised surveys and assessments or conduct video calls, customers find immense value in the ENTAG Health platform.

ENTAG health customers are seeing a myriad of benefits after undergoing digital transformation through the connected care platform, these benefits can be broken down into Patient Benefits, Business Benefits & Financial Benefits.

Patient Benefits

Patients are reporting an increase in satisfaction of the service they are receiving.

Evidence shows that patients recover better in their own environment and the risk of secondary hospital acquired infections are reduced.

Business Benefits

Hospital burdens are reduced when Nurses have access to patient data at their fingertips and are able to provide earlier interventions before a patient would otherwise present at an Emergency Department.

Doctors and Nurses are able to see more patients per shift through the use of Telehealth appointments.

Financial Benefit

By adopting a transformative digital solution, our customers are saving up to three hours per day per nurse resulting in reduced overtime costs for our customers.

Clinical Director Vanessa West “ENTAG have brought together a solution for us that is cost effective, its practical and patient focused and they have made it easy”