CPL Celebrates 70 Years

On Saturday evening, the ENTAG team had the amazing opportunity to celebrate with our client CPL.
The celebration was an anniversary ball to commemorate 70 years since its founding.
For 70 years, CPL has been supporting their clients in reaching their goals and discovering new possibilities.
CPL is a great service with a true passion to create a better world for people with disabilities, ‘chasing the best in life’ with ‘choice and passion’.
We were honoured to support this fantastic cause and proud to call CPL our customer.

Newly opened, W Brisbane is the first five-star hotel to arrive in Brisbane in 20 years. It sets a new benchmark for guest experience and it was the perfect venue for CPL on this truly special occasion.


The night was hosted by the talented Kat Feeney from the ABC. Kat told us she was delighted when CPL offered her the chance to join the team and share stories about her city.


Jessica’s performance of the night was magical and inspiring. Jessica Irwin with Karlee- ENTAG’s most renowned Project Lead.


Heart warming stories and incredible entertainment, all centred and delivered by CPL clients


Our ENTAG table at the end of the night- Excited to share the night’s stories to our community and beyond.