Case Study

Tom Quinn Community Centre

The Tom Quinn Community Centre was established as a response to the shortfall in services for the disadvantaged and marginalized of our community.


The challenge

Q: What are some key pain points that encouraged the decision to implement Teams into the business?

A: As a Special Assistance School working with students who have disengaged from normal school framework learning, we have always been aware of some students who need/require online platform learning and engaging in support as well. We have always had a desire/vision to create such an environment for students who are away from school for extended periods of time, or who can not attend school for reasons sometimes are out of their control.

As to the issue of COVID 19 we had no choice but to roll out this plan and develop a program that we can implement on the teams platform. This facility may be used well into the future as some students are already stating concerns with returning to a school environment and fears of catching the virus.

We have also identified a number of benefits to using this platform in the classroom as well. From planning, communication and collaboration of staff through to student engagement, this is a huge step forward for our school and a multitude of additional resources we can implement to further enhance learning experiences.


Our solution

Q: Has the implementation of Teams resolved these pain points?

A: We have seen some students who are usually withdrawn learners at school and instead shine in their home environment, which has been great for them to gain some confidence with learning. The fact that the work is there and available to students who for some reasons with juggling internet and devices in a busy household, they can be working on their content at whatever hour they like, message through any issues and we can monitor what and how they are doing remotely.

Q: If you can give a score out of 5 stars for ENTAG, what would the score be and why?

A: So for all the chaos and changes to our day to day lives at the moment, I wish all you guys at ENTAG/Tshopbiz the best and if possible, I would allocate 10 stars out of 5 stars for the work and support everyone did to support us here.

So from start to finish.. My initial phone consult with Telstra Business was helpful and they were aware of our requirements. When the 3-way phone call with myself, ENTAG and Telstra took place everyone was very patient and helpful in talking through what we needed and how that could take place. Promptly Bryton returned an initial assessment on our scope of works. It was thorough and extensive, but as we are a school of only 20 students and 4 staff, it was more setup for a larger school facility.

Bryton was again very understanding and helped me to understand the setup of the platform to a better level, and through that we were able to settle on a scope of works that was best suited for us.

Due to COVID-19 and changes/restrictions to school requirements, this was needed in such a hurry because of the fast approaching school term starting back. Bryton setup our accounts and platform over a weekend under the good will that our school was going to pay the bill. We exchanged numerous emails over the ‘weekend’ and on Monday I was blown away to find an email saying everything was good to proceed and I could commence setting up student laptops with accounts, logins and emails with our new Microsoft/domain emails.

Bryton’s attendance to reply to my questions was always within a short period of time and always polite, helpful and genuine. Once that platform was setup he conducted a ‘Teams’ online training with all staff and he did an extensive amount of training with our ‘platform’ person Sarah in helping her get the Teams folders setup and distributing.


The result

Q: A short sentence of feedback on the deployment and product as a whole or anything else you would like to add?

A: ENTAG was invaluable, polite and efficient in identifying, advising and deploying the required accounts and Teams setup for our school to get up and operational. With their assistance we got 20 laptops setup with accounts, Teams platform and training within approx 4 days which was an awesome effort and the school has functioned on this platform for this Term 2 period of COVID 19 lockdown. I would not hesitate to emphatically recommend ENTAG to anyone seeking help with setting up their platforms.

“ENTAG was invaluable, polite and efficient in identifying, advising and deploying the required accounts and Teams setup for our school to get up and operational.”

Tom Quinn Community Centre

“ENTAG was invaluable, polite and efficient in identifying, advising and deploying the required accounts and Teams setup for our school to get up and operational.”

Tom Quinn Community Centre



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