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Hospital In Your Home

Through the partnership with ENTAG and The Diary Ptd. Ltd, Hospital In Your Home now have a foundation platform that is quickly and easily scalable, at a known cost to meet these demands.



Hospital in Your Home (HIYH) are focused on partnering with hospitals and health funds to provide acute in-home care, focusing on supporting patients recover faster in the safety and comfort of their own home.

This allows patients to recover in a happier, familiar environment, while freeing up hospital beds for critically ill patients that require 24/7 care. HIYH want to help reduce the cost and burden of non-critical patient hospital stays by offering those patients the choice of recovering in their own home.


The Challenge

The traditional way of managing in-home care of patients required 25 pieces of paper to be completed and uploaded into a central file server for every patient. As this process was labour intensive, the nurses spent up to 3 hours a day just on completion of mandatory paperwork. This impacted how many patients a nurse could see and the quality of a patient visit, resulting in paperwork being completed afterhours.

These challenges had a financial burden on the business costs and emotional burden on the nurses for work-life balance. HIYH were looking for a partner to provide the right technology tools to reduce the paperwork, improve the number and quality of visits and help the patient feel engaged and involved in their recovery treatment.


Our Solution

HIYH chose The Diary CarePro ™ solution which allows the care team nurses to collect vitals, case notes, complete assessments and provide health data directly into the client profile in real time. These care plans can then be shared with patients, health professionals and family members, ensuring everyone is engaged and involved in a healthy positive patient outcome.

As an end to end care coordination solution, it allows HIYH to deliver an affordable way to monitor and interact with patients, while dramatically reducing the manual paperwork traditionally required.

Being built to work natively on Apple iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) the experience is simple and intuitive for patients, nurses and health professionals. The platform is secure, supporting privacy legislative requirements for end to end encrypted communication, while providing real time information that offers a clear view on how the patients is doing, allowing better, faster and more informed decision making on the best treatment options for the patient.

“ENTAG have bought together a solution for us that is cost effective, its practical and patient focused”

Hospital In Your Home

“ENTAG have bought together a solution for us that is cost effective, its practical and patient focused”

Hospital In Your Home



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